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COVID-19 Changes

Due to the current pandemic, we have adapted our regular FeminSTEM programming to fit public health guidelines.

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For girls, by girls.


​Founded in 2018 by two high school students, FeminSTEM is a nonprofit organization that aims to host a summer program for girls catered around the fields of STEM. Our goal is to introduce girls to the world of STEM and aim towards closing the gender gap.


At a young age, it is crucial that children are exposed to different opportunities and potential areas of interest. It is difficult for girls to be interested in STEM given the lack of appropriate role models within it. We believe that by implementing the FeminSTEM initiative, we can instill a passion for innovation and discovery in adolescent girls. We hope that our barrier-breaking approach will contribute to an increased number of girls who are interested in STEM. We aspire to encourage girls to broaden their scope of inquiry and to stimulate a love for STEM while venturing into exciting new domains.


Interested in working with FeminSTEM or getting to know more about the program? We'd love to hear from you! 

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