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At FeminSTEM, we strive to empower the lives of youth in the Toronto community through our variety of programs. With the lack of female role models, girls are reluctant to join the STEM community. We hope that our programs will help introduce girls to the basis of science, math, engineering and technology during such a critical age of pursuing interests.



Our programs are designed to cultivate a love for STEM. Through the multiple educational activities offered, our participants are given a space to get inspired and be innovative. The workshops will feature hands-on experiments and allow the girls to experience the ideas within STEM directly. They will enable the participants to work collaboratively and break the negative stereotypes surrounding women in STEM.



FeminSTEM empowers their participants to see themselves as future leaders. We encourage girls to be ambitious and develop new and unique ideas by helping them acquire the skills that they need to succeed. Our collaborative initiatives motivate girls to take action in the world around them and we hope that they continue to inspire other girls with the experiences that FeminSTEM provides them.

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